Our mission at HTG is focused on illuminating the transcriptome with targeted gene expression profiling panels that empower actionable insights for clinical research. HTG’s comprehensive solutions can be used to discover biomarkers, develop gene signatures, link expression profiling to map novel pathways to decode complexities of disease states. Increase your output with a simplified workflow using our proprietary extraction-free chemistry that eliminates biases and accurately quantify low expressing genes. In addition, integrated QC metrics give you confidence that high quality data is generated every time.

Technology Capabilities

HTG EdgeSeq technology provides a high throughput solution for gene expression analysis. Achieve a highly multiplexed molecular profile from solid and liquid samples using low sample amount.


Increase testing success of clinical samples and maximize expression profile with archival tissues.


Identify novel biomarkers for precision medicine and discover clinical relevance and utility.

HTG Gene Expression Platform

Advance your research and discovery projects with our unique extraction-free chemistry and workflow for targeted gene expression

Sample Preparation

4 Hours

~30 minutes hands-on time

Library Preparation

20 Hours

Target Protection
~10 minutes hands-on time

2 Hours

Library Amplification
~60 minutes hands-on time

Quantitation and Normalization

1-3 Hours

~60 minutes hands-on time

Next-Generation Sequencing

6-10 Hours

~30 minutes hands-on time

Integrated Data Analytics

15-30 Minutes

~5 minutes hands-on time

Normalization and principal component analysis tools: